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Mon 10th:

World Cup Champions Italy (Hooligans of the North) - £100

World Cup Runner Up France (Buddhist Non Athletic) - £40

World Cup Third Place Germany (Thomson's Tornados) - £20

Sun 09th: Italy (Hooligans of the North) beat France (Buddhist Non Athletic) in the 2006 FIFA World Cup Final 5 - 3 on penalties after extra time and a 1 -1 score line. Zinedine Zidane got sent off for France in extra time after headbutting Italy's Marco Materazzi. Buddhist Non Athletic win £40 for Second Place while Hooligans of the North wins £100 for winning the World Cup Final via Italy.

Sat 08th: Germany (Thomson's Tornados) beat Portugal (Lynn's Lions) in the Third Place Play-off 3 - 1 to clinch third place and win £20

Wed 05th: Italy (Hooligans of the North) beat Germany (Thomson's Tornados) after extra time two nil in a thrilling Semi Final, while France (Buddhist Non Athletic) get a surprise entry to the World Cup Final by beating Portugal (Lynn's Lions) one nil after being awarded a penalty. So its the hosts Germany v Portugal for third and forth place and Italy and France in the final.

Mon 03rd: Ingerland (Lynn's Lions) are out after all the hype they blew it again in a penalty shoot out 3 - 1 against Portugal (Lynn's Lions) and never really played to their full potential during the tournament. While the World Champs Brazil (Hiber Nations) also under played and were out witted by an aging but strengthing French team (Buddhist Non Athletic) - So at the Semi Final stage four JB WCS Members are still in and four have been eliminated.

Fri 30th: See below for the latest news and the Message Board for some XX Xtreme blither.

Fri 30th: Leith Pathetic (Argentina) crashed out of the WC after leading and strolling the game 1 - 0 they allowed Germany (Thomson's Tornados) back in, who then equalised to make it 1 -1 and then they went on after extra time to win on penalties 4 - 2. Meanwhile Italy (Hooligans of the North) beat Ukraine (Dieknappen) 3 - 0. So that's three JB WCS Members out McGillvraith Roving, Leith Pathetic + Dieknappen - let's see what happens on Saturday.

Thur 29th: Well only one JB WCS Member team McGillvraith Roving has been eliminated from the tournament so far and seven still remain (Lynn's Lions have two teams left but they play against each other - thus gauranteeing one into the Semi Finals) - Good Luck everyone and check out the Notice Board for latest comments and the Quarter Finals Fixtures page to see who's playing who.

Thur 29th: Well since Alan Hansen on the BBC was telling a story last week about playing against Argentina and Maradona at Hampden in 1979 during the televisation of the Argentina v Mexico game and Maradona was in the crowd at the same time watching that game - I just thought I would like to say I was there... If I remember, Scotland was still recovering from the disaster of the 1978 World Cup in Argentina, but in 1979 we still had an amazing team - Argentina were the World Champions and where on a UK Tour - Scotland went one nil up (I'm sure Dalglish scored but if I'm wrong please remind me), but by half time it was one one, then in the second half the Argies put on the style and won three one - Maradona who was only a teenager scored a brilliant goal. The rest was a blur due to the great weather and lots of beers.

Tue 27th: McGillvraith Roving are the first JB WCS Member to be knock out of this tournament after their final team Spain were beaten 3 - 1 by Buddhist Non Athletics France. All clubs that are still in the WC now know who they have to play in the Quarter Finals - Germany [Thomson's Tornadoes] v Argentina [Leith Pathetic], Italy [Hooligans of the North] v Ukraine [Dieknappen], England [Lynn's Lions] v Portugal [Lynn's Lions] + Brazil [Hiber Nations] v France [Buddhist Non Athletic].

Mon 26th: Corruption is now rife - The Ozzies were robbed blind against the Italians while the Netherlands v Portugal game is still controversial - the conspiracy theories are building and seem to start pointing at Italian and Russian Mafia - see the notice board for the latest submission from an unknown contributor who is making a point about corruption in this World Cup.

Sun 25th: England [Lynn's Lions] + Portugal [Lynn's Lions] are also through to the Quarter Finals - While Ecuador [Thomson's Tornados] + Netherlands [Dieknappen] are out - dirtest game so far Netherlands v Portugal and once again one of the most boring games was England v Ecuador, however Ingerland are getting the luck and are still in with a great chance- everybody is still in at this stage.

Sat 24th: Germany [Thomson's Tornados] + Argentina [Leith Pathetic] Through to the Quarter Finals Sweden, [Leith Pathetic] + Mexico [Thomson's Tornados] out - best game so far with the Argentina v Mexico game - everybody is still in at this stage.

Sat 24th: Now we are in to the Second Round Knock Out Stage 1 everyone has at least one team through - have a look at the Club Names and Team Draw + Fixtures and Scores pages to see who is playing who - good luck!

Wed 21st: Now that the First Round Group Stage 3 is underway Thomson's Tornados can add Sweden to the Second Round after a 2 -2 draw with Lynn's Lions England on Tuesday night and Mexico who scrap through even though they got beat by Lynn's Lions Portugal 1 - 2 today.

Mon 19th: After the First Round Group Stages 1 + 2 we now have several teams through to the Second Round knock Out Stage - Ecuador [Thomson's Tornados], Germany [Thomson's Tornados], England [Lynn's Lions], Argentina [Leith Pathetic], Netherlands [Dieknappen], Portugal [Lynn's Lions], Brazil [Hiber Nations] and Spain [McGillivraith Roving] - Plenty still to play for in stage 3 as there are positions and places still up for grabs.

Sun 18th: The Ozzies gave the Boys from Brazil a run for their money but the World Champs strutted their stuff with a two nil win - the tournament is starting to stretch with some of you JB Members already through to the next round.

Thur 15th: Lynn's Lions are top of Group B with six points due to two fantastic glorous and easy wins for England - But Leith Pathetic via Sweden are hot on their trail.

Wed 14th: Hiber Nations ace card Brazil got going last night with a cool one nil win against a fighting Croatia, while today McGillivraith Roving's Spain hammered Dieknappen's Ukraine four nil.

Mon 12th: Thomson's Tornados are off to a flyer after two victories on the first day with Germany and Ecuador + Lynn's Lions scraped a dodgie win {see Fixtures and Scores for more details}...Mon has been a great day for The Hooligans of the North with victories for Australia and Italy, While Buddhist Non Athletic get a convincing 3-0 win for the Czech Republic...The tournament heats up!

If you have a World Cup Comment to make please use the Submit Form via the Contact Link and it may be added as soon as possible to the Message Board.

FunScotland has now put the final Supporter Club names and Draw Results on a Club Names and Team Draw Page and also check out your JB Club Team Games i.e Lynn's Lions v Buddhist Non Athletic via the Fixtures and Scores Page.

You can also view an Excel World Cup Spreadsheet to check the proper team results and table placings. This spreadsheet is well laid out so have a look but it will also say it can be modified so please do not change the scores and just click 'NO' when closing down, however I think it can only be changed via the server - If you spot a wrong result please notify the FS Net Master, Thank You.

FS has created another page which is a notice board for Events and Info i.e Ladies Day, best bars for meeting up and watching the games, proposed BBQ on certain week-ends, the location for meeting for the Final etc etc.

The Jolly Boys WCS officially backs two World Cup Songs "Scotland, Scotland, Jason Scotland" by The Trinidad and Tobago Tartan Army (TTTA) - play this game 'Know your Scotland' and then you get to listen to the song www.scottishquest.com/howscottish/game.html + Yes "Hurry up England" by Sham 69 (Jimmy Pursey is our leader).

Visit the official FIFA World Cup Web site.


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