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First Matches: are this Friday Germany v Costa Rica + Poland v Ecuador but the first big day is Saturday 10th when Trinidad & Tobago and England are playing their first matches so any suggestions for a venue to meet up and watch these games?

Venues: There are masses of pubs and venues to watch the World Cup, however if you have any good suggestions then please inform FS and also if you are up for meeting for certain games then let's see what can be organised. Three venues that are in the Central/Southside and are all in the one street are

  • The Pear Tree - Big screen in the beer garden + HD Flat TV's in doors
  • The Blind Poet - Dark + friendly with several HD Flat TV's and projector
  • The Centraal - Trendy but with several HD Flat TV's and Projector

Ladies Day: There was a suggestion (from a man) that the Ladies should have a 'Ladies Day' - general idea being "Oh no not more football - let's get out of here! anybody fancy a shopping trip to New York" or "Let's have a sensible BBQ with our friends, relatives, partners and kids while the footie is on mute and in the background" or "Girls let's get our tight football tops and National flag make-up on and go in mass to a trendy establishment for a night on the town". Any other suggestions will be considered and Ladies let's see if you can organise something (Net Master should get an honourable invite).

Fun: If anyone has relevant photos or funny attachments send them to FunScotland and we will try to post them on the web site.

Suggestions: Any other suggestions for events, fun or relevant info about the WC and WCS, please send a message and it may be posted or organised.

Whit aboot a sweep for the first time 1966 is mentioned during an England game i.e. not before kick off which is so bound to happen over and over and over again.........

Dave The Rave - Leith Pathetic


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