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0023 - 30/06/06

SFA web page Net Master: This refers to a statement on Thur 29th on the Main Page: gives scotlands scorer against argentina in 1979 as arthur graham (george burley was full back) but we didnae score until the 85th minute . maybe you missed the anti drinking campaign of the time and were late for the game only arriving in time for the start of the second half

Conspiracy and the SFA - Mad Man frae Currie

A: The Sweet F*&k All Web Page states It was Arthur (Gray-ahm) Drunkin, George (Po eyed) Blurry and Alan (I'm old enough) Handmesome who were 3 - 0 down before Scotland scored. We'll I think the SFA were right as in the last 10 mins hundreds of beer stained Lion Rampant Flags and my can of Tartan Special got in the way of the Goals, so I wouldn't know - The Net Master.

0022 - 28/06/06

Scotland draw three teams in their Copa de Euronations 2008 group that are in the World Cup 2006 Quarter Finals and England, well England get a bunch of wee Countries ending in ia, The Israelites and the Russians who as we all know, love the English that much they gifted them 66 and have tried their best to gift them 06. Fair? Course its not fair. The English deserve their free ride into European and World sporting arenas. This was the exchange agreed in return for unlimited shopping centres full of McDonalds, Next, River Island and Clinton Cards (now I wonder what they really sell)...

Conspiracy and the big buck - Mad Man on the Rampage in Currie

A: I agree with most of your sentiments, however McDonalds and Clinton Cards etc aren't Israeli or Russian Companies, but they do sound very American (Well actually McDonalds sound Scottsh but you know what I mean) - The USA are at the WC again and yet they still think football is a cross between Socialising and Certification. The English, the Israelis and the Russians all need the Yankie Dollar (so do the Argintenians, Brazilians, Germans etc) so it makes sense they'll sell their souls for Glory and Wealth, however Scotland can hold its head high as we have always been uncorruptable and crap - The Net Master.

0021 - 26/06/06

Portugal v Holland - Russian Referee - sends off Deco and Costinha who will (not) be playing against Ingerlund in the QF. Figo could be suspended for trying to wipe the sweat of a Dutchman's forehead.

Are Romanov and/or that Russian billionaire Abramovich from Chelski involved in a plot to hand Ingerlund the WC and hence increase their business in the new Motherland?

It's just that Russian referees have a wee history of helping Ingerlund in big matches in the past.......

Anonymous - Conspiracy Theory #42

A: After that penalty given to the Italians in the 93 minute to knock-out Australia there is definetly a national bias, corporate business sponsor money talk or influence on the referees by the more powerful teams/nations to get through to QF SF F - no good having a team like Ghana winning as there's no money in that - The Net Master.

0020 - 24/06/06

Kick off time has finally arrived - Nazis fight Fascists, Leftists attack Communists, Black on Black, White against racism, Tartan or Czech, Krammer v Krammer and that's just in the Munich Beer Hall. Thank goodness 50,000 Brittish Bobbies are there with their plastic helmets and blow up planes as they might have to divide Berlin again - so far what a brilliant World Cup nothing better than Footie to bring people together.

Once again Scotland missed out on a major skirmish - 120 years of Classsic International Football, 10 years of I'll watch everybody else except Scotland.

Dave the Bruce - Hiber Nations

0019 - 22/06/06

With the form he is showing, Sven should try Monty just in front of Looney.

Bood - Buddhist Non Athletic

Do you mean Monty Python's and Loony Tunes or Colin Montgomery and Wayne Rooney? - Net Master

0018 - 22/06/06

I can feel a Sunday sesh is needed to watch St George slain & the Orangemen stoning Villaland.......Dieknappen oot...not yet.....

Sunday 25th June 2006

England v Ecuador 16.00

Portugal v Holland 20.00

Mike the Pike fae Pilton - Dieknappen

0017 - 22/06/06

What bliss dozens of tasty men running around in shorts, the football has not been bad either.

You can tell life is getting a bit desperate in the Borders!!

Amanda the Viking - Earlston, The Scottish Borders

0016 - 21/06/06

Iran Iran going back to Tehran - 22 left feet, Boeing 747 salam...

Why oh why Para---guay - 22 right feet, Airbus A33 adious...must fly goodbye

You were both freekin useless.

Northern Hooly get ready for a real Czech shafting - Dieknappen get ready for an 8 goal bloodbath...


Bood - Buddhist Non Athletic

0015 - 21/06/06

I see the McGillivraiths are playing with themselves tonight and Friday night - no chance there then....

Mrs McGillivraith Roving off her head - McGillivraith Roving

0014 - 21/06/06

The US are a bunch of.................Go Trin & Tobg!

Tasty Man - USA

0013 - 15/06/06

Whit wiz that dismal display bi ingerrlaand - TT wiz robbd...goal off the line, pulling the afro dreddlocks to score a desperate goal and disallowing a perfectly taken TT back heeled goal - Lumpard, Looney and Ouch are gonna win FA.

Dave the Bruce - Hiber Nations

0012 - 14/06/06

Trinidad.. Trinidad... Trinidad and Toebaagggooh - Come on Scotland! Come on Jason Scotland!!!

Dave the Bruce - Hiber Nations

0011 - 14/06/06

Well the Polish defence held oot about 90 minutes longer tonight than they did in 1939. Ouch.

Apols folks!

Dave the Rave - Leith Pathetic

0010 - 12/06/06

Let's go Ghana - Italia ha ha!

Dave the Bruce - The Hiber Nations

009 - 12/06/06

StevBhoy get back to OZ - come on Japan get intae those Vladukas!

Dave the Bruce - The Hiber Nations

008 - 11/06/06

"Iran! Iran! but there was nowhere to hide " - Ayatolha Canikickabal

Bood - Buddhist Non Athletic

007 - 07/06/06

Abba - ah dinnae get yae Pict boy.

You Pict the draw alright with the Brazil nuts.

Here's hoping for some Argy bargie.

Whit aboot a sweep for the first time 1966 is mentioned during an England game i.e. not before kick off which is so bound to happen over and over and over again.........

Dave The Rave - Leith Pathetic

A: Rose the Pict says 'Ya hav Sveeedan'.

006 - 07/06/06

Leith Pathetic - Do you need any woad or will you bring Abba? We're gonna bring the Reggae - Come on Trinidad + Tobago!

Rose the Pict - Hiber Nations

006 - 07/06/06

Dear Web Master Smash

REE-EF-ER-REEEE what a fix! a travesty! an injustice! a sham(69 ?)! a white wash! a draw so blatantly fixed its even worse than the unforgettable 1972 Suduko World Championship!

That's what I like to see
nice one
thanks a lot
cheque in the post

Bood - Buddhist Non Athletic

A: There where four JB WCS Members present and the 'Hand of God' (Deputy Dribbling Dave) found Brazil for The Bruce + The Pict.

005 - 07/06/06

'The Bruce' gets Brazil - its a fix !!!!!!!!!!

Deputy Dribbling Dave - Lynn's Lions

004 - 05/06/06

Who's the burd with the Skotland tap on?

StevBhoy - Hooligans of the North

A: Wouldn't you like to know - does your wife know you like stalking Tartan Army Chicks - The Net Master.

003 - 03/06/06

Dear Webmaster-nae-cash

Buddhist Non Athletic - as you can see my team has achieved namehood. Has any one ever seen such a pathetically small opinion box? In some cases size does matter. Keep up the good work

Bood - Buddhist Non Athletic

A: Since some of you aren't aging very well and are as blind as Blunkett I have now increased the Name + Text areas in the contact page - The Net Master.

002 - 03/06/06

Morning all - the big question is will the draw be fixed - then again The Noses of Blue and Smeltic aren't in this competition.

Dave the Rave - Leith Pathetic

001 - 02/06/06

Come on Ingerrlaand!!!!

Dave the Bruce - The Hiber Nations


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