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Below are the fixtures, scores and the 'JB Club Team Games' i.e Hooligans of the North v Buddhist Non Athletic etc.

However you can also view a Spreadsheet to check the proper team results and their table placings. This spreadsheet is well laid out so have a look but it will also say it can be modified so please do not change the scores and just click 'NO' when closing down, however I think it can only be changed via the server - If you spot a wrong result please notify the FS Net Master, Thank You.

Second Round Knock Out Stage 1:

Sat 24th June:

Germany [Thomson's Tornados] 2 v 0 Sweden [Leith Pathetic]

Argentina [Leith Pathetic] 2 v 1 (XT) Mexico [Thomson's Tornados]

Sun 25th June:

England [Lynn's Lions] 1 v 0 Ecuador [Thomson's Tornados]

Portugal [Lynn's Lions] 1 v 0 Netherlands [Dieknappen]

Mon 26th June:

Italy [Hooligans of the North] 1 v 0 Australia [Hooligans of the North]

Switzerland [Dieknappen] (0) 0 v 0 (3) Ukraine [Dieknappen]

Tue 27th June:

Brazil [Hiber Nations] 3 v 0 Ghana [Thomson's Tornados]

Spain [McGillivraith Roving] 1 v 3 France [Buddhist Non Athletic]

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